Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Peter Schiff Is No Fool

Happy April Fools Day! And yes, we have some fools in the news these days!

It's painful to watch the media pundits with their hype and fingerpointing every night. None seem to ever provide any insight, solutions, or forecast any potential future events. In this interview with Peter Schiff, it is refreshing to hear him clearly define the correct solution. The solution is not a "fix" for the problem because there is not one. His solution relates how best to "whether the storm". The storm is coming. We can't change that. The solution relates to how best can we prepare for it.

In the video note how the media folks want to brand him as negative and pessimistic. If an optimistic sees a storm coming, he runs for shelter. Also note the dates on the first few clips. He was right on the mark with his forecast.

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