Monday, April 13, 2009

Pirate Update

Well the pirates finally captured a U.S. ship so the media has awoken to the crisis....only five months late!
In the past I've made some posts regarding pirate events and justice delivered. Here's the latest update. It appears that those pirates are winning. Thank God, our Navy Seals had a victory this weekend.

NAIROBI (AFP) — Somali pirates seized ships from France, Britain, Germany, Taiwan and Yemen, defying world naval powers by prowling further out in the Indian Ocean to target victims. Ransom-hunting pirates equipped with skiffs, guns and grapnels took five ships in 48 hours, the two latest on Monday targeting a British cargo ship and a Taiwanese fishing vessel.
At least 17 ships and more than 250 hostages are now in pirate hands.

CNN's pirate activity map:


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