Friday, April 17, 2009

Here Come The Ladies

This was reported today in Houston by KPRC. It looks like the ladies have joined the party!
Which way is the trend?

FBI Concerned About Bank Robberies
April 17, 2009
HOUSTON -- Bank robberies in the Houston area are on the rise, and they're becoming more violent, officials told KPRC Local 2 Thursday.

A man robbed Wachovia bank on Smith Street near downtown Houston on Wednesday.
One could say he was caught red-handed, but most of the red was in his pants, where a dye pack exploded. Instead of a smooth getaway, he ran into a man. He requested KPRC Local 2 not use his name. "I chased him with my car … got to a stopping point where I could point the gun and the car at him," he said. "I drew the gun and he started emptying the money from his pants area."

The man said he was fed up when he saw the man. "(That was the) second time that bank got robbed," he said. "Those are my friends in the bank." Police arrived and the man was arrested.
Houston FBI agents said they are very concerned. There are more bank robberies in the area than normal, and they're becoming increasingly violent, officials said.

"We've had robbers that have gone into banks that have assaulted tellers during the bank robberies," spokeswoman Shauna Dunlap said. "They've assaulted security guards that are in the bank. They're fired gunshots inside the bank."

Investigators have dubbed one group of robbers the "careless crew" because of the way they wield assault rifles inside grocery stores. The group is believed to be responsible for at least eight robberies.

"They go in armed with handguns and also assault rifles," Dunlap said. "They fire gunshots inside the banks and also one time in the parking lot on the way out the bank." Detectives said one man, dubbed the "point-blank bandit," is wanted in at least three bank robberies.

"He's basically going in armed and he puts the gun right up to the side of the tellers' head during the bank robbery," Dunlap said. "It's very concerning, very dangerous and we're very thankful that no one's been hurt." Investigators said more women are robbing banks. Two have been arrested in the last two weeks.

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