Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Father David Kirk On The Prodigal Son

Being Holy Week, I'll take a breather from the crazy events in the world and present some writings from Father David Kirk.

"This Gospel is about forgiveness, and it is about conversion, which means to change attitude and heart, but also conversion which brings us back to reality. The Gospel also speaks about someone "dead" and "ruined": he lost his possessions, because he squandered his wealth; he lost his worth, a son of a rich man living like a pig now; he lost his power, because no one receives him with honor. And in a negative way, he found his freedom because he lost the things that enslave, all these externals.

Even though he was God, Jesus emptied Himself and became a poor man; some of these things, power, so-called worth, possessions, should be renounced. There is danger to the young man in all the things he was given. St. Paul says: "those things I used to consider gain I now reappraise as loss in the light of Christ."
Father David Kirk

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