Thursday, April 16, 2009

Peak of The Mega-Stadium??

I've made a few posts about the mega-structures in Dubai recently, but we might have our own metric to measure here in the U.S.A.....the megastadium. The New York Yankees and ego-maniac George Steinbrenner have just unveiled the new home to the team. USA Today had this to say "The new Yankee Stadium and the Mets' Citi Field, costing a combined $2.3 billion, open the gates for exhibition games Friday and Saturday, ushering a new level of luxury to the nation's pastime. construction costs were assumed by the two teams, but the projects — discussed for a decade and officially unveiled in mid-2005 — were aided by several hundred million dollars in public financing, tax breaks and infrastructure improvements. That made the deals controversial in a city struggling to fund schools and mass transit amid the recession."

The Examiner reports this about the Colts new stadium in Indianapolis:
"The entity that operates Lucas Oil Stadium – the Capital Improvement Board – is seeking a $47 million bailout bill to operate the stadium and the Indiana Pacers' home, Conseco Fieldhouse. It has become a major issue in Indianapolis, with parties from all sides weighing in. The comment that has gotten the most national play came Friday from CIB President Bob Grand while speaking to 6News' Norman Cox: 'If you want me to give you worst-cases, I mean the worst-case scenario is we could be out of money and the facilities would be, arguably, closed.' I get the feeling reading that quote that Grand was simply trying to answer a question as honestly as he could. What happened, of course, is it has spawned a slew of stories in the blogosphere that Lucas Oil Stadium – a $720 million facility that opened last summer – could close."

Steinbrenner's kindrid spirit, Jerry Jones, just built the new home for the Cowboys for a cool $1.3 billion. Are you ready for some footbaaaaaaalllllllll?

Robert Prechter presents a theory that mankind builds large structures at the peak of positive mass social mood and that markets, the barometers, align with this trend. Keep your eyes on the sky for the next big thing.

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