Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Technology Trends

A new year and decade are here. CNN provided a nice summary of 2009's top 10 technology trends:
1) Smartphone craze
2) Facebook grows up
3) Bloggers threaten regime
4) Books go digital
5) Info in an instant
6) App mania
7) Games leave the living room
8) Government gets techie
9) Search engine wars
10) "Smart" electricity use

The entire article:

So what does the next decade hold for us??

"The first 10 years of this millennium have been bewildering. Unbelievably complex. Globally destabilizing. Anxiety provoking. As well as Sept. 11 and the two wars that followed in its fiery aftermath, the shakedown we’ve gone through has been shaped by the wildly expanding power of technology. Many have suffered because of it. But this decade’s explosion of political, economic, cultural and technological change has been a little exciting, too. Even though relocations have downsides, they can have upsides as well. It’s crystal-clear more big surprises are in store as we continue to gaze into our future, as readers will realize as they check out the 20 trend-line pieces The Vancouver Sun begins publishing Thursday. When all is said and done, what can we hope for by the time we reach 2020, the end of the next decade? At the least, let’s work toward the possibility that humans can more creatively and responsibly respond to both the difficulties and opportunities produced by raging change. After all, our lives depend on it."
The Vancouver Sun

The entire article...A really interesting read:

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