Sunday, January 24, 2010

Extreme Xenophobia

Xenophobia continues at extreme levels.

Loud prayers spark airliner security scare
Suspected nervous flier quizzed after U.S. Airways flight is diverted
"A U.S. Airways jet was diverted to Philadelphia International Airport Thursday after crew members became nervous about a passenger praying loudly. There were initial reports that a man may have been wired with "a device" and the bomb squad, FBI and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials all attended. However, when authorities boarded Flight 3079 from LaGuardia Airport to Louisville, they established there was no bomb on board. A man was escorted off the plane by law enforcement officers while the other passengers also disembarked. Government sources told NBC News the flight was diverted because the passenger who may have been a nervous flier was praying loudly which alarmed members of the flight crew. NBC News also reported that the passenger was holding 'some type of religious item' and that the flight was diverted out of an "abundance of caution."

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