Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is The Pizza Man Even Safe?

A few blocks from my office last weekend, the owner of one of our favorite NY pizza parlors was shot in the stomach as he was walking through an apartment complex. He was carrying all of the store's cash after closing.

The Chicago Times reports, "At 110 robberies as of last week, bank heists are up 25 percent this year compared with the same time in 2005 with 88 robberies. Last year was a record-breaking year with 230 heists. But this year, the FBI is noticing another record: one in four of the robberies are "takeover robberies," in which the bandit pulls out a weapon and takes over the bank rather than quietly presenting a note."

The pirates continue to kidnap ships and tankers in the Gulf of Aden.

"During the contraction phase of the cycle, the "have nots" will seek what they feel entitled to from the "haves". This will likely occur on all scales. As the mass social mood continues to shift down, what protective measures will be taken by governments and individuals to protect themselves?"
Random Roving - November 24, 2008

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