Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sound of Hooves On The Pavement

The word "change" has returned in the political arena. As I stated before the presidential election, it's a battle between the two mass social mood emotions: "fear" and "anger". Anger won out in that election even though Team Red got very aggressive with fear at the end (e.g. "he's not even a US citizen!", "he's the anti-Christ").

Mass. Voters: It Was Time For Change
Brown Election A Signal To Washington, State Democrats

BOSTON -- "Massachusetts election of its first Republican to the U.S. Senate in more than three decades may have sent political shock waves reverberating through Washington, but Scott Brown's big win may not have been much of a surprise to Bay State voters, many of whom said it simply signals their hunger for change. Brown, 50, a little-known GOP state senator from Wrentham, Mass., staged an epic upset Tuesday when he beat an entrenched Democratic party attorney general, Martha Coakley, to grab the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years."
Source: WCVB Boston

It wasn't truly an incumbent election, but it was a significant "incumbent position".

"Politicians ratings will continue to fall aligning with a continued decline in mass social mood. Incumbents beware."
Random Roving - January 1, 2010

"But hubris has yielded to shock here at the possibility that the next political trend the Bay State might foreshadow is a voter backlash against the Democratic Party. That election, which will be held on Tuesday, was widely seen as a formality. Are we in for another shot heard 'round the world? Perhaps. More likely, listen for the sound of horse hooves on the pavement, and a modern-day version of Paul Revere's historic warning—the backlash is coming."
Source: The Wall Street Journal

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